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Amtrak – Passenger Train Travel

CLICKETY CLACK, CLICKETY CLACK!   Passenger train travel has been around for decades carrying supplies and people from here to there.  It is as American as apple pie and baseball.  In today’s immediate gratification Continue reading


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The Texas State Insect: Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch Butterfly is the State Insect of Texas and is easily recognized by its orange, black and white color.   Unlike the average butterfly which has the life span of about two weeks, the Monarch can live about a month in the summer producing four generations during that time.  The fourth generation is the oldest generation in the Monarch  life cycle living up to Continue reading

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Port Aransas, Texas – The Third Coast

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Sunrise in Port Aransas

With gas prices high and summer right around the corner you might be looking for an affordable place to take the family for a fun vacation.  Maybe you should consider a short road trip.  When I say short road trip, I mean approximately 4 hours from Austin, San Antonio or Houston, Texas.  That’s right! For less than two tanks of gas Continue reading

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Maya Civilization and Ruins – Belize March 2013

The area that makes up the country of Belize was part of the home of the Maya civilization which stretched from Central America to Southern Mexico.  The Maya culture was established beginning in 2000B.C. and reached it’s highest state of development 250 A.D. to 900 A.D. One of the things that led to the rise of the of the Maya civilization was their strong farming skills and ability.  Continue reading

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Belize 3-2013

Belize is located in northern Central America on the Caribbean, south of Mexico and borders Guatemala to the west and south. It is said to be the home of the second largest barrier reef in the world thus making it a prime vacation destination for anyone who loves scuba diving and snorkeling, neither of which I do. So you ask, why would my husband, Frank and I decide to travel there?


Belize from the air

Well, the weather in Houston, Texas in January 2013 was in the Continue reading


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