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Amazon Bullies Again

Amazon Bullies Again.

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Pink Heart Funds

My January 2014 New Year’s Resolution is coming to an end.  For those of you who have no idea what that resolution was, let me recap.

I resolved to grow my hair to donate to the Pink Heart Fund for wig making.  Here was my challenge.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of those people that doesn’t operate well on an appointment basis.  I operate better on a spontaneous basis.  So when I wake up in the morning and my hair is a mess, I call and beg for a haircut appointment that day … as soon as possible.  No, tomorrow won’t work.  Please, please work me in just this once … TODAY!   Therefore, I expected that the time it took to me to grow my hair long enough to qualify for donation, I would moan and groan about how awful it looked about a million times.  When that happened, it was my job to remind myself that I should thank God every day that I’m healthy and I can grow it.  No complaining!!!

I heard about the Pink Heart Fund from a hair dresser I met in Colorado in December 2013.  I chose them over Locks of Love because she said they made wigs for older patients,  as well as, children with cancer or hair loss disorders.  Sounded like a good enough place to donate to so that’s been my plan.

The Pink Heart Fund is a non-profit, 501c3 charity founded in 2005 by JoAn Niceley, a former hairstylist and breast cancer survivor.  The organization has provided over 2,500 cranial prosthetics (wigs) free of charge.  They have a Victorian Wig Parlor where they have professionals make custom fitted wigs for each patient.  In addition to providing wigs they provide free breast prosthetics and post-mastectomy bras for those who can’t afford reconstruction.  Certified fitters work at the Pink Heart Fund’s Hope Boutique where they provide a pleasant, non-clinical atmosphere for their clients.  I believe, from what I’ve read, the Pink Heart Fund provides much needed hope to those that seek their help.  I’m happy that I chose this organization over others with similar services.

Here is the Pink Heart Funds Mission Statement:

Pink Heart Funds exists to Inspire, Encourage, and Restore Hope to persons affected by cancer and hair loss disorders.

Over the last year and a half I have found myself talking with many people about my resolution.  I discovered that in addition to feeling like I was doing something to make a difference, I was in a very small way, bringing awareness to breast cancer and the devastating effects of treatment.

I feel I’ve accomplished my goal and now I’m ready for a much needed haircut.

photo 4

The Hair

photo (6)

The Cut

The Reveal ... Yikes

The Reveal … Yikes


The Artist, John Flores from Ell Salon

The Artist, John Flores from Ell Salon

The End

The End

For more information on the Pink Heart Funds organization visit their website at: or on Facebook at

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My How Time Passes So Quickly

Well, here it is already November 2014 and nothing new has posted on my site in months so here goes.  It’s time for a 2014 New Year’s Resolution update.  I went to see John Flores, Ell Salon in October to have my hair measured again.  I failed to take a photo but here are the results.  If I shave my hair off I’ll have 10 inches.  I selected Pink Heart Funds as my hair recipient and the minimum length is 12 inches so, based on my 1/2 inch each month hair growth, I have 4 + more months to go.   My 2014 New Year’s Resolution may be my 2015 New Year’s Resolution, as well.

New Year's jar idea

I think I’ll do this too!  Won’t you join me?


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Publishing news …

Short story, “The Art of Ironing,” will be included in the woman’s anthology titled, “OMG, That Woman”coming out in April, 2013.

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