Betina’s Best First Day

Here’s a nice review on my children’s book, “Batina’s Best First Day.” Thanks to the Redheaded Library Lady for her kind words.

Curly-headed library

I enjoy the occasional children’s book, but I normally stick to YA fiction and Adult fiction.  However, I came across this fun tale at the Texas Library Association’s 2016 conference in Houston, TX.  The delightful author, Denise Ditto, was gracious enough to let me take a copy of Betina’s First Best Day to peruse, and I’m so glad she did!

The story of Betina the tooth collector and her first day on the job will enchant any child intrigued by the tooth fairy.  We get to see behind the scenes as only the most well-brushed teeth are turned into fairy dust, which is what enables the faries to fly.  Will Betina ruin her first day by losing her tooth?  Will the fairy dust machine work?  And will Jolene, the wayward wanna-be collector solve her grudge against Betina and her friends?  Read to find out!

This book is laid out in very manageable small chapters…

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