My How Time Passes So Quickly

Well, here it is already November 2014 and nothing new has posted on my site in months so here goes.  It’s time for a 2014 New Year’s Resolution update.  I went to see John Flores, Ell Salon in October to have my hair measured again.  I failed to take a photo but here are the results.  If I shave my hair off I’ll have 10 inches.  I selected Pink Heart Funds as my hair recipient and the minimum length is 12 inches so, based on my 1/2 inch each month hair growth, I have 4 + more months to go.   My 2014 New Year’s Resolution may be my 2015 New Year’s Resolution, as well.

New Year's jar idea

I think I’ll do this too!  Won’t you join me?


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2 responses to “My How Time Passes So Quickly

  1. Marcy Mayo Bayless

    Love ❤️ your blog. You have a true gift. Cannot wait to see what you write next.

    • So glad you found my webpage Marcy. Thanks for your kind response. I will be posting more soon. I’ve been a little slow on my website postings … my children’s book and new leadership position with the Houston Writers Guild has taken up a lot of my time … but I’m having a great time, no complaints. Stay tuned and thanks again so much Marcy.

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