Hair Growth Update

We are already into April and it is way past time to report on my hair growth.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the deal.  My New Year’s resolution is to grow my hair all year and donate it to Pink Heart Funds.

I have bad news followed by good news followed by bad news.  Let’s talk bad news first and go from there.  Bad news – I’ve gained 6 lbs eating all those sweet potatoes fries which are one of the foods recommended for healthy hair growth.  Boy are they good.

April hair growthGood news –  I’m at 6 inches in the back now.  I was whistling with happiness at my progress knowing that I should be at 10 inches by December when I was stopped in my tracks.  Bad news –  It seems the required length to donate has changed to 12 inches.  Oh my.  It looks like I am going to have to push my completion date into 2015.  Good news – That’s okay with me as long as everyone knows when my hair looks like a hot mess it’s for a reason, so forgive me.  It’s worth it!

I’d like to thank John Flores at Ell Salon for having patience with me and my hair.  He promises to fix me up when the time comes.  Here’s a shout out to John.  Hey John!  Thanks for your help.

Here are the requirements copied off the Pink Heart Funds webpage for anyone interested:

Donations of ponytails are accepted at any time and evaluated based on the following guidelines:
  • At least 12-inches long
  • Can be one length or layered (shortest layer must be at least 12-inches long)
  • Must be clean and dry (damp donations will not be used)
  • Secured by ponytail holder or braid
  • May be colored or permed (not over processed or bleached)
  • Grey is acceptable
  • All ethnicities accepted
  • Placed in a sealed Ziploc style bag
How to Ship Your Ponytail Donation
Secure the dry hair in a tight ponytail with a holder or rubber band at the top and center of the ponytail and cut the ponytail.  Place the ponytail in a sandwich-style plastic bag.  Mail the ponytail in a secured envelope to:
Pink Heart Funds
P.O. Box 1047
Long Beach, MS 39560



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7 responses to “Hair Growth Update

  1. Denise
    I just think your awesome for doing this. Your hair looked great at the Houston Writers Guild Conference. Great Job!

  2. Vivian Diane Box Springer

    That is very a special goal to have!

    I remember when I was in 6th grade that my Mom took me to get a hair cut, and all of a sudden my long hair became a new in-style neckline; and my long pony tail was no more! I was told thank you for the Hair Donation! I was really devastated at first! I looked in the mirror and thought I looked like my Dad! My hair used to grow fast, so, I have mostly worn my hair long ever since.

    Life has a way of changing us, though. I have seen so many that have lost their hair because of illness or chemo…that I look back and I hope deeply that someone that needed hair was able to use mine. Now if i had known I would need it one day, maybe I could have saved it? lol

    You see, my hair has been thinning for years, with no real help from the Doctors I see. Then, because of Diabetes, last summer I had surgery (a Gastric-bypass) to hopefully help control this Disease.

    It has been a bitter sweet experience. While I have lost 55 lbs since last July, I’ve also lost a lot of my already thin hair! An expected side effect that is slowly getting better, but still devastating! And, I have yet to find a wig or hair piece that is perfectly me. Diabetes is somewhat better, I’m off Blood Pressure and Cholesterol RXs. I have a new treatment I go to for Diabetics.
    See for info on Artificial Pancreas Treatment.

    I am not as vain, because I have recently become a young Great Grandma
    and decided to embrace being 60, but I want to be the best I can be!

    So, for my Birthday I had my thin hair trimmed to the best it can be, but made sure it was left long enough to clip a new “ponytail” to that I just bought at Sally’s! And, I have been shopping my closet and resale shops before buying a new wardrobe, because I want to save up to shop for a nice fun “wig” just in case!

    Thanks, I guess I needed to vent! Or, I should get my own blog! TTYL

    So, thank you for your long term project!

    Note: One of my Daughter’s hair is thick and down to her waist and she is planning to donate her’s soon!

    • Diane, thank you so much for your response. Your story has reconfirmed my decision to grow my hair for donation. Congratulations on your weight lost and being able to get off the Blood Pressure and Cholesterol RXs. That is a huge accomplishment. Also, thanks for the Diabetes Network link. I’ve visited the site and found it to be very informative. Good luck to you with the Artificial Pancreas Treatment. It sounds like a good program. Keep me posted.

  3. Cajun Bob




    Cajun & CC


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